Whether the idea of sleeping on something other than a mattress made with fiberglass gives you the creeps, there are a few simple ways to identify if a mattress comprises fiberglass. You must have noticed the pink cotton candy-like stuff embedded in the house’s walls. You may have yet to realize that your bed’s materials might be used to produce anything else. Numerous recent talks have focused on the benefits and security of using fiberglass in memory foam mattress production. We can answer your questions and allay your fears regarding mattress fiberglass.


Thankfully, it won’t affect the price of either mattress. Please avoid cheap queen mattresses that don’t cost at least $600 since they are more likely to include harmful materials like fiberglass. In everyday language, “cost reduction” is almost often synonymous with “lower quality.”

Please Find Out More By Getting In Touch With The Company

When looking for a mattress online, it should be simple to determine whether it has fire retardants. You may email or call them if you have a question that isn’t answered on the Company’s website. When a company’s customer service department cannot answer your questions to your satisfaction, you should follow your gut and seek elsewhere.

Always Read The Label Before Making A Purchase (And For Greenwashing Terms)

In order to know what kind of materials went into making your mattress, check the label. Red flags include assertions that asbestos was utilized or that the firm is trying to trick buyers into thinking they are helping the environment when in fact they are being deceived. When a firm utilizes deceptive marketing to make a product seem more environmentally friendly than it actually is, this is known as “greenwashing.” In light of the public’s mistrust of fiberglass, several businesses have started naming their products misleadingly as “glass fibers” or “glass wool,” when in fact they are referring to the same thing: fiberglass.


Because of China’s strict manufacturing regulations, mattresses marked “made in China” are more likely to include fiberglass. For example, in manufacturing, different countries may use other criteria. Although it is more frequent in mattresses manufactured elsewhere than those labeled “made in the USA,” fiberglass is not used in producing all mattresses made in the country.

Purchase Organic

Choose a mattress made from natural materials if you still need to think about it or worry about fiberglass. It may be easy to know that this manner of purchase does not include any fiberglass. Several of these items use cotton and wool natural fire resistance. Our Best Sustainable Mattresses Guide has all the information you need about organic mattresses (2022).

A Few Closing Remarks

Given all the conflicting opinions, you must learn as much as you can about fiberglass before making any decisions. You should feel at ease on the mattress, given how much time you’ll spend there. Therefore, it is recommended that you learn as much as possible about them before making a purchase. You should get some shut-eye.